Can DNA-tagging Help Potato Industry?

Published online: Feb 23, 2004
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A newly developed DNA-tagging system made by Applied DNA Sciences Inc. of Los Angeles will be made available as the first DNA-tagged security system in the North American and European markets.

It will have a wide range of applications for consumer and indusrial products. DNA-tagged label technology promises to be an effective deterrent to the ever-increasing number of sophisticated worldwide counterfeiting rings.

It is now being used by ARS scientists at the Cotton Quality Research Station at Clemson, SC, to help cotton and textile manufacturers identify their products.

Could the same technology be used in the potato industry to protect patented varieties and marketed produce?

The cost-effective solution can be adapted to any company's current branding, product tracking, or anti-counterfeiting programs. The demand for Proprietary, DNA-in-label technology transcends an expansive range of industries including bu not limited to textiles, fashion, pharmaceuticals, art, memorabilia, supermarket, drug and mass-merchandiced product.

By using bio-engineered DNA as an invisible and highly specific identification tag, forencic-level authentication of a tagged item verifies the manufacturer and source of the product.