Idaho Water Going.nearly gone.

Published online: Oct 13, 2003
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Idaho's irrigation water supplies are down to very-little-to-none as growers try to use what water stock they have left to irrigate prior to harvesting the remaining 30 percent of the potato crop and fall grain.

Never-before-seen figures show the entire Snake River system to be at 7 percent of capacity as far as the remaining storage water goes. So, at least for the 2003 crop, everything came through in fairly decent shape.

The big worry growers have now, with just small amounts of carry-over water left for next year, is will the reservoirs fill this winter?

The last check showed Palisades at 5 percent full, Jackson 13 percent, Island Park 13 percent, American Falls 2 percent, Walcott at 27 percent, and Ririe at 31 percent.