Washington Hit With Regs

Published online: Aug 20, 2003
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It appears the Washington Department of Labor is going ahead with a mandatory blood-testing program for all agriculture workers who handle certain pesticides.

According to the Washington Potato Commission, this is despite the fact there is little scientific evidence that such a program will help workers.

Three hearings have been set for the new few days to ascertain how the plan is to be implemented and how growers can meet stipulations of the law.

Growers have many questions to ask during the hearings set for Moses Lake, Kennewick, and Yakima. They want to know how the program will detect pesticide handling when the Department of Labor and Industries has admitted the testing is not accurate.

Other questions to be asked include who will pay for the testing, will their be reimbursement to growers, and what can be done if workers refuse to wear protective safety equipment