Drought Disaster Aid Sought

Published online: Aug 05, 2003
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Western states senators in Washington, DC, are going after drought-assistant funds to help growers/ranchers struggling with drought now in its fourth year.

Idaho Senator Larry Craig along with Senators Conrad Burns and Max Baucus of Montana, and Pete Domenici-along with others-are co-sponsors of S. 1454, the National Drought Preparedness Act.

This legislation will create a national policy for drought, improve delivery of federal drought programs, provide new tools for drought preparedness, planning, and forecasting and monitoring of drought conditions.

Craig says developing a national policy for drought will move the country away from costly, reactive approaches to drought and toward a proactive, preparedness approach.

Craig says a national drought policy will provide the tools and focus for federal, state, tribal and local governments to meet the diverse and specific impacts and costs of drought.

Producers and operators will better know what measures to take to reduce the impact of drought, and where to get assistance if the need arises. Drought-relief programs will take effect in days or weeks rather than months or years.