Idaho's Crop At `Full Steam'

Published online: Jul 28, 2003
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There doesn't appear to be anything that is slowing down tremendous growth of this year's Idaho potato crop.

Although all growing areas of Idaho have had record-breaking heat the past two weeks, it doesn't seem to have negatively affected the crop. In fact it has been very positive for growth.

Reports of 16-ounce Norkotah's in fields in the western Magic Valley have sent a strong notice that not only will acreage be too much but that yield will also figure into what is looking to be a very shaky marking year.

Other early digs in the Upper Snake River Valley also show strong, steady growth, perhaps a little ahead of the average growth curve.

The factor of pivots not being able to catch up to the heat and dryness of a circle could lead to some misshapen tubers.