Wheels, Sprinklers In Motion

Published online: Apr 14, 2003
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Seed trucks have been the predominant carriers on Interstates 15 and 86 and sprinklers are now operating in fields from Blackfoot to Burley and beyond.

With a warm, dry spring, growers in Idaho were going open throttle last week, most already having planted their grain and others starting potato planting.

While the potato plantings are a few days early for southern Idaho, many growers in southeast Idaho are also pulling planters and seed trucks into fields in the Blackfoot area.

Growers are anxious to get crops in to take advantage of any moisture in the ground, and to have crops planted to catch any more moisture that may come.

Several canal systems are running, allowing growers of spring grain and sugarbeets to get germination.

The big question on Idaho potato acreage cannot be determined. However, there appears to be plenty of seed and seed growers looking for buyers. In addition, with fewer contracts offered process growers in southern Idaho, whether these growers will cut back or continue to plant will be the big question for the entire United States table stock market beginning next fall.