U.S. Potatoes Heading South

Published online: Apr 07, 2003
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United States potato growers obtaining import permits from the Mexican government will soon be shipping potatoes into Mexico.

Pending receipt of the permit and requirements that the potatoes meet extensive Mexico phytosanitary concerns,U.S. potatoes can be shipped into Mexico’s border cities.

The next year potatoes will be allowed into the six Mexican states bordering the United States. In the third year, potatoes will be allowed throughout all of Mexico.

If growers fail to meet Mexico’s phytosanitary concerns, the penalty for non-compliance will be quarantine . The shipper will be barred from shipping into Mexico until the issue is resolved.

The National Potato Council stated that the more completely U.S. growers and shippers comply, the more smoothly the process will occur.

To help, the USPB will provide a “How-To” Guide for United States growers for use as soon as all specific implementation questions are resolved.

The National Potato Council and United States Potato Board have been working on the trade agreement since 1991.