Canadians Exclude B.C.

Published online: Apr 25, 2003
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The Canadian Produce Marketing Association through the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency announced this week that potatoes being shipping into British Columbia would be excluded from anti-dumping measures.

The exclusion is scheduled to run from May 1 to July 31. Seed potatoes are not subject to the tariffs.

However, tariffs remain in place for all varieties of potatoes out of Washington/Oregon, Idaho and California. Idaho’s shipments of 50-lb. six-oz. minimum face a $4.70 dumping duty. Ten other bagged and packed categories from Idaho face anti-dumping duties.

Washington/Oregon brokers face a $2.39 duty on 50-lb. non-size-A cartons and sacks and the same tariff for 110-count cartons. They have anti-dumping duties on nine other packs.

California growers have duties on three categories, with the highest $.87 on 5/10-lb film bag packs of Russet Burbanks.