CFIA Clears Nova Scotia Fields

Published online: Oct 14, 2002
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Canadian Food Inspection Agency continues to clear Canadian fields of the dreaded mop top virus.

Early tests have now cleared two suspected fields in Nova Scotia. Growers have been told they no longer have to clean and disinfect machinery every time they leave the fields.

However, tubers will be re-tested after conditioning. Growers are hopeful they will be declared clean as well.

It was first thought seed from Maine had brought the virus into Canada. However, since CFIA has been sampling and testing, it has turned up at least two samples that were positive. Location of the samples has not been given

CFIA also claims that fresh potatoes from at least eight states in the United States have checked positive. However, information enabling U.S. inspectors to follow the suspect trail has not been given.

A U.S./Canadian task force is presently working on a containment plan.