BASF’s Headline Gets Section Three

Published online: Oct 22, 2002
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BASF has announced that Headline fungicide has received a Section Three registration from the EPA, paving the way to introduce the product to potato and sugarbeet growers next season.

Headline is a broad-spectrum fungicide. It has received praise from university researchers, extension agents and others who have had the opportunity to work with the compound.

“I haven’t seen a product like this come along in a long time,”A.J. Jaks, a Texas A&M researcher who conducted trials on peanuts, said.

Headline controls nearly 50 diseases and is now registered on more than 60 individual crops, including sugarbeets, potatoes, citrus, wheat, dry beans, grasses grown for seed, barley, rye and others.

Dr. Barry Jacobson, professor of plant pathology at Montana State University, said the product is a real breakthrough in terms of early blight control.

“If used in combination with some of our protective contact fungicides in an alternate program, it certainly does a nice job for us,” he said.

Headline has a seven-day pre-harvest interval, making it the most flexible late-season choice for Cercospora control, Dr. Mohamed Khan, extension sugarbeet specialist with North Dakota State University, said.

BASF recommends that the product be used as part of a fungicide alternation program in labeled crops.