APHIS Plans Massive Survey

Published online: Oct 10, 2002
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>Probably one of the largest potato sampling surveys ever will take place on lots of United States seed potato growers in the coming weeks.

The survey will be for mop top virus. Each of the 17 seed-producing states will test about 3,000 tubers. Final results will represent every certified seed lot in the United States.

Results of the survey will be the basis for future regulatory action by APHIS. Results are expected in late 2002.

The National Potato Council is working with APHIS to facilitate the testing. The NPC believes the survey is necessary in order to determine the extent to which mop top is present in the United States.

Data collected will lead to an appropriate management protocol. NPC grants and APHIS funding will ensure that growers are compensated to the maximum extent possible for the associated costs of the survey.

NPC urges Canada to conduct similar testing to evaluate the presence of PMTV in each country. This will allow the development of complimentary management plans.