PEI Growers Share Concerns

Published online: Aug 14, 2002
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Over 450 Prince Edward Island, Can., potato growers recently showed up at three meetings to discuss the adoption of a new code of practice to stop crop-protection runoff problems.

There has been a lot of concern in the province and its media because of five recent fish kills. At least a dozen growers in the Prince County region have voluntarily plowed under crops, in case they were too close to waterways.

Many growers are angry at the handful that used insecticide near waterways, a practice that has been banned.

Normally growers would have gotten away with the applications but two recent heavy rainfalls have been blamed for the problem. Growers agreed they would have to allow for such weather conditions in the future.

The label for the less expensive azinphos-methyl expressly states that it is not to be applied near water.