Idaho Crop Could Be Mixed Bag

Published online: Jul 31, 2002
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Reports continue to circulate that many acres of potatoes in eastern Idaho “dropped their first set” and it could cause a mixed bag in size come harvest time.

Despite these reports, which basically mean that what “set” the plants do produce will mean a larger- or smaller-size profile, growers know it is in August and September the crop’s final determination is made.

Klaren Koompin, president of the Potato Growers of Idaho, said besides weather conditions forcing the dropping of the first set of potatoes, a second set is coming in with multiple small potatoes.

These “golf-ball-size” potatoes will be the question mark, according to Koompin. The American Falls, ID, grower said despite this challenge, growers are upbeat about the 2002 crop. He said the Ranger Russets “look awesome”.

Koompin believes Idaho’s yield and quality should be all right when everything is said and done.