Get Congress Out Of Food Business

Published online: May 29, 2002
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With the threat of congressional action on “sin foods,” or taxing foods Congress deems unhealthy, the Center for Consumer Freedom is issuing a warning throughout the United States.

Senator Ted Kennedy will conduct hearings this week on the nation’s obesity epidemic. Spurring the action are trial lawyers, public health zealots and the Surgeon General who are seeing dollar signs.

These proponents have pulled all the stops on everything from taxes on foods and drinks to tobacco-style class action law suits against the restaurant industry.

The CFCF is running a full page national ad in this week’s U.S. News and World Report to alert consumers that their freedoms of food choice could be the next thing taken off the menu.

The ad parodies an ad from the Center for Science in Public Interest intended to create hysteria over certain foods by comparing them to tobacco.

The CFCF is a coalition of more than 30,000 restaurants and tavern operator working together to protect the public’s right to a full menu of dining and entertainment choices through education, training and public outreach. Contact