John Deere To Use Biodiesel

Published online: Apr 09, 2002
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John Deere today announced the specifications for use of soy-based biodiesel fuel in the company’s equipment after the announcement last December that it would use the blend.

Joining a list of companies that have agreed to burn the fuel additive, John Deere officials said they have approved the use of blends containing a maximum of 5 percent biodiesel.

The only stipulation is that the use of biodiesel-blend fuel is restricted to John Deere PowerTech diesel engines.

“Biodiesel is a valuable tool for helping reduce engine emissions,” said Ted Breidenbach, manager of Worldwide Engine Engineering for John Deere power systems.

“It also stands as one of the linchpins in the movement to develop alternative uses for commodity products that can ultimately deliver more value to our producer customers.”

Breidenbach said the company is confident that when the fuel is used per specifications it will generate the performance producers have come to expect.

The fuel must meet the ASTM PS 121-99 or DIN 51606 fuel specifications. Operators should keep storage and vehicle tanks as full as possible to prevent moisture buildup.

In addition, storage tanks should be protected from extreme temperatures. Extended storage of biodiesel fuel should be limited. Routine monitoring of the fuel’s water content is also recommended.