CropLife, RISE Shift Focus

Published online: Mar 25, 2002
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WASHINGTON, DC—CropLife America and RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment), U.S. pesticide and crop technology manufacturers, formulators and distributors are laying the foundation for a sweeping change in their industry’s culture.

The industry is refocusing its attention to highlight and lead with its benefits.

“For too long, our industry has focused exclusively on promoting our successes in safety assessment and management, said Jay Vroom, president CropLife America.

“These messages—the rigorous testing and EPA regulations—are valid and continue to resonate, but they are not enough.

To kick off the paradigm shift, George McGovern, recently retired U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome, a decorated war hero, a 22-year U.S. legislator and 1972 presidential candidate will be the keynote speaker at “Doing a World of Good,” the CropLife America/RISE conference.

The confab will be held Tuesday, April 9, in the Crystal City, VA, Marriott Hotel.

“We’ve done a disservice by not connecting the dots to showcase ours benefits,” said Allen James, president, RISE. “Sadly, we’ve concluded that too many people who need to know have little or no idea the impact our products have in getting food and fiber to their retail stores, protecting our families, homes and businesses from disease-carrying and damaging pests, all the while enriching the environment for all of us.”