Syngenta Has New Fungicide Combo

Published online: Jan 15, 2002
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Growers will have a new alternative for insect and pest control by the introduction this spring by Syngenta of its Platinum Ridomil Gold insecticide/fungicide premix.

Registered for soil applications on potatoes, the Platinum Ridomil Gold product controls Colorado potato beetle, leafhopper, and several aphid species. It also controls storage and tuber rot, including Pythium leak and pink rot.

"The control offered by Platinum Ridomil Gold is truly the best of two worlds," Coby Long, Syngenta brand manager, stated.

"It provides excellent protection from storage to tuber rot diseases, plus effective control of a broad spectrum of sucking and chewing insects that rob growers of quality and yield, and spread viral diseases."

Platinum contains the active ingredient thiamethoxam, a second-generation neonicotinoid chemistry. It acts on the insects' nervous system through ingestion, interfering with receptors and disrupting the transmission of the message to feed.

After exposure, feeding ceases within hours, rendering the insect harmless to the plant. Studies show that Platinum offers better plant uptake than competitive products under most conditions.

The product is rapidly taken up through the plant, protecting foliage from insect damage and developing tubers against soil-borne diseases. Because of its selectivity, the product has minimal impact on beneficial insects, making it a suitable fit for integrated pest management.